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Welcome!  You have found the official Harvey Field Airport Master Plan project information site.  We appreciate your interest in our project.  We want you to find the information you are seeking as easily as possible, so your suggestions are welcome. 

An important contributor to our local economy, Harvey Field has 17 businesses based at the airport which directly employ 100+ people. As an irreplaceable part of our airport system, Harvey Field is as busy as Paine Field (but without the jets!).  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) both recognize the airport’s critical role in the regional, state, and national airport systems. As a result, both FAA and WSDOT are investing in the airport by participating in this Master Plan to fully assess the needs of the airport’s owners, users, and neighbors. The goal is to bring the airport up to current FAA safety and design standards and ensure Harvey Field meets its critical role in the airport system.   

To that end, the Master Plan will lay out a 20 year plan to understand the needs of current and future users of the airport. This is important to ensure that safe and orderly development occurs in a manner that is reflective of the community’s values and goals. This Master Plan will also recommend projects designed to meet the safety and design standards, accommodate existing and future demand, and are environmentally feasible.

The Master Plan process is a collaborative effort involving Harvey Field staff, City of Snohomish, Snohomish County, WSDOT, FAA, other state and federal government organizations, and even more critically, the users of the airport, our neighbors, and the community. We recommend visiting this website frequently to stay informed on the planning process.





Overview of the Harvey Field Master Plan process. Source: Jviation, Inc.

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