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Central Colorado Regional Airport




Welcome to the official Central Colorado Regional Airport (AEJ) Master Plan project information web portal. The airport is updating its Airport Master Plan, which will study the facility needs to meet projected aeronautical demand for the next 20 years.

The master plan process is a collaborative effort involving the town of Buena Vista, the Airport Advisory Board and staff, Chaffee County, CDOT Division of Aeronautics, Federal Aviation Administration, other state and federal government organizations, and of course the users of the airport and community at large. This planning effort is necessary to ensure that the airport has a solid plan to grow to meet the vision and aeronautical needs of the region.

This website has been prepared as just one element of an extensive community outreach program so that airport users and the public can find useful information and have a forum to submit comments or suggestions regarding the future of the Central Colorado Regional Airport. By following the links, you will have access to study reports, airport layout plans, project schedule, and important news and meeting dates. We welcome your comments on the comments page.

We look forward to an engaging dialog with you throughout the planning process!



Overview of the AEJ Master Plan process. Source: Jviation, Inc.

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